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Make Mercury Marine. Battery-free Electronic Fuel Injection. Model 25 Hp EFI. Many Mercury Service Manuals available for outboardsinboards, jet drives etc. Many manuals call or email to see if we have the one you are looking for.

mercury jet

A 40 hp Mercury 4-stroke EFI jet outboard with power trim powers this clean aluminum bass boat. This package is in excellent condition overall with minimal wear. It has been inspected by our factory-trained technicians and is mechanically sound. Trades will be considered and delivery is available. Competitive financing rates and terms are also available.

Leaders RPM is one of the largest marine and powersports dealers in the Midwest with over 70, sq ft of showroom, parts, and service under one roof located in Kalamazoo, MI. For more information, please call toll free Additional photos and video are available at www. Contact us through the following Email below: outboardoffer1 gmail. Welcome to Atomix Boats Co. Ltd, We specialize in the sale of brand new boat motors and brand new outboard parts through the Internet.

Feel free to send us an email If you have a specific question regarding our outboard inventory. Rye, NH. Fayetteville, AR. Dewey Beach, DE. Lake Havasu City, AZ. Austin, TX. Bedford, NH. South Bend, IN. Alert Successfully Created. Save search. Category - Length - Posted Over 1 Month. Year - Make - Model.

Make Mercury Marine 3. Category Beta Engines 1. ZIP Code. Year minYear Apply Filters Clear Search. Daily Weekly No Emails. Submit Cancel.Heart-racing acceleration meets excellent handling and top-speed maneuvering. Designed for extreme shallow-water operation, Mercury Jet Outboard models from 25 — 80hp fit a wide range of applications.

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Thanks to its unique engineering, the Mercury Sport Jet offers unparalleled maneuverability. And at horsepower, the Mercury Sport Jet can do more than take you to the secluded fishing locations. The Mercury Sport Jet features award-winning OptiMax two-stroke Direct Injection technology - providing instant turn-key starting, no-smoke operation, outstanding fuel economy and excellent power.

Plus, it's incredibly easy to use and maintain. Mercury's Hydro-Surge automatic weed cleanout system eliminates debris from the jet intake, so there's no worry about weeds clogging the engine. Learn more about this reliable, powerful, and efficient lineup of outboard motors. This website uses cookies to enhance and improve your browsing experience. By closing this message, I acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, and agree that my information may be transferred to the U.

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Sign Up. Jets Heart-racing acceleration meets excellent handling and top-speed maneuvering. Shallow-Water Champ. Taking You Where the Fish Are. Explore Mercury Outboards. Sign up to receive the latest tips, promotions and news from Mercury.

mercury jet

Sign Up For Email Enter your email address to receive the latest tips, promotions and news from Mercury.Forget push-up bras, keg cans, iPods and inch flat screens…for my money, outboard jets have to be one of the best inventions of all time. I mean, anything that allows me to blaze 30 mph through 2-inch shallows is definitely on the short list of cool stuff to own.

But on the other hand, there are days when I want unbolt my outboard and use it as an anchor. After some good use, the output goes down even more. With an outboard jet, most of your bottom strikes are going to occur right on the grates on the underside of the shoe.

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Grind a knife edge into your grates and the jet will suck more water. Regardless of whether you straighten out the old grates or buy new ones, a cool trick is to sharpen the edges of each one. With a bench grinder, sharpen the leading edges of each one to a triangular point. An outboard jet works best when the outside edges of the impeller blades are as close to the inside edge of the wear ring as possible without rubbing.

The old and the new…big difference, huh?

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Hard, rocky material running over the blades of your impeller will result in dings, divots and a general dulling of the leading edges. Kinda like a dull steak knife, worm impeller blades have a tough time cutting through the water.

And like seemingly everything else in this game, little imperfections can cause big decreases in performance.

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Take a file to the bevel side of each blade and work inside out with light strokes. The real trick to this game is to take the same amount of metal off each blade. To do this, count your strokes with the file and use the same amount on each of the blades. I never knew that with an outboard jet, most of your bottom strikes are going to occur right on the grates on the underside of the shoe. We are going out on our boat this weekend. Thanks for the tips to improve outboard jet performance. What RPM should a etecget at full throttle should get Mine is new,but it only gets 4,RPM full throttle is there a logical reason for this?

This is quite rare indeed, but will give you likely places to start looking. IF this was an issue on a propeller equipped outboard, changing the prop to one with less pitch and possibly diameter would be the solution. The 1st test should be the base test on ANY engine, which is compression. Do make certain to disable the ignition by pulling your lanyard off of your gear shift lever as this will cut power to the ignition coils. You also want to make sure the throttle is wide open in order to get the most accurate readings possible.

Once you have a compression gauge inserted into cylinder 1, have someone or do yourself crank the outboard so that you can hear 5 pulses.

Your cylinder should be within PSI of each other as well. Both require an intimate understanding of each system, how it works, what could have failed etc etc etc.

It is a mix made in hell! The above are the 1st three items to check, in order.

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Always start with compression unless a visual inspection reveals something plain as day standing out on the power head. Does this make sense what do I need to do. Hmm, so this is a prop not a jet, right? How does the prop look? Beat up? If not, it may be the wrong pitch for that boat.

Hi I love your tips this help me to gain more knowledge about fishing as a newbie. I never forget this kind of help thanks for wonderful blog with page best effort.For those of you who run a outboard jet on your boat, there is some required maintenance to keep it functioning properly, and to assure that you can remove, adjust or replace needed parts if required.

I am are not covering inboard jets in this article.


I will not really go into the a lot of details here of history, how it works or installation as it is available on the manufacturers website listed below.

The bulk of all the current outboard jets are made by Specialty Mfg Co. The jet units you find on the factory fitted motors, no matter what name is on the motor is made by this company. This Specialty Mfg company was started by Dick Stallman after he experimented with an idea in Dick is still with the company as of as their engineer.

The refined product you see today is the result of his efforts. Dick was good friends with the Wooldridge family boat company from the inception and both being far sighted, they did a lot to get us where we are today. Stallman's oldest jet motor is proudly displayed in the showroom of Wooldridge Boats in Seattle, Washington. They build over 80 different models that fit 6 different outboard motor manufacturers. On about all of these units the old prop water pumps are transferred from the prop lower unit and are used on these jet units.

So if you would need a new water pump impeller, it will be the same as your motor was before it had the jet unit installed. Most of these units will be installed on outboard motors which have steering wheel and console controls. However you will see some tiller mounted motors with jets attached, especially in the Pacific Northwest and being used mainly by river guides. They function the same, with a few differences as defined below. The exploded view of the design shown below was taken from Specialty Mfg Co.

These motors do not really have a neutral because the drive impeller is connected directly to the driveshaft. There is no gearbox. The reverse and FALSE neutral is accomplished by operating the rear clamshell which diverts the water either straight out to the rear for forward when the clamshell is down, or when up for reverse. Trying to find a neutral may well be tricky because you are trying to split and equalize both the forward and reverse thrusts by location of this clamshell.

Therefore if you start it up at the boat launch, most 2 cycle motors need a warm-up period before they will allow you to put them in forward without them dying. You will see some operators leave the boat on the trailer, start the motor allowing the motor to push it against the trailer's bow support. Or they may launch and start away from the launch, but nose the boat into the bank with the motor running to allow it to warm up.

Since these boats need to be a fairly shallow bottom, the steering if in a sharp corner can be a problem. At a high speed since there is no prop or lower unit hanging deeper in the water, the boat will slide on a corner if going fairly fast.

It also is possible for the boat's inside corner chine to dig into the water allowing the boat to flip over. Partly because of no or a minimal keel. Some boats have ribs on the outside bottom to allow the boat to "dig" in a little better. Do not try to shift from full forward to full reverse as there are no gears, just the clamshell, it will not hurt the motor.

BUT there may not be anyone left in the boat afterwards. Kind of like hitting as brick wall, everything not tied down will be ejected forward. Reloading at a launch where there may be a wind blowing can also be a problem as since you have no neutral you can not slide up to the trailer, shift in to neutral, let it set for a few seconds, then re-power to move onto the trailer.

You will see many sled type trailers with side bunks which help guide the boat centered onto the trailer. Here you would normally use the current or wind to help you by nosing in to the wind and if your trailer has side guides, allow the bow to bump the opposite side from where you are entering on. Once the bow is in contact with this guide, turn the motor so that the stern comes around allowing the bow to now be guided onto the center of the trailer.

Jets don't like weeds or sticks.Honda Jet 65, 4-Stroke, Outboard Engine. Asking price is Outboard motors bored. Sky superior engine outboard motor two-strok. Have a look at our list and see if there is anything on there for you.

I'll impeller and sleeve still have quite a bit life left in them. Up for auction is Mercury 70 hp outboard jet is in excellent shape. Please ask any questions you may have before bidding.

Payment is expected within 7 days of the Moto-solution diagnostic usb cable kit for yamaha. We are pushing winterizations right now Vintage johnson 9. Free oil still in reservoir from jet ski.

Jet outboard for sale. In brand new condition. Grab a bargain before its too late. Available for just Any question Part description: taken apart motor description make model serial year hp: outboard jet pump parts came from jet pat. All our goods are purchased as brand new and are in the manuf Outboard jet flush adapter m8x1. I will list them below along with exactly what they fit. We do not repair or replace items with an expired warranty.

Mercury outboard motors metal sign 9" x. Has typical wear on driveshaft. Marlin boat for sale. New china 3. Outboard motors Jet Ski bored. God running older motor with jetpump. Hello guys, I am going to put my jet outboard for auction at only I will accept your offer as wel Vintage johnson 25 hp outboard motor decal kit.

If interested you can reply with a call o. Starling P Vintage Jet Drive outboard boat just tested and flushed this week. Oh my god!The Boeing E-6 Mercury formerly E-6 Hermes is an airborne command post and communications relay based on the Boeing With production lasting untilthe E-6 was the final new derivative of the Boeing to be built.

2018 Mercury Marine® FourStroke Jet 40 HP EFI

The E-6B is an upgrade of the E-6A. It includes a battlestaff area and updated mission equipment. The flight deck systems were later replaced with an off-the-shelf Next Generation cockpit. This greatly increases the situational awareness of the pilot and saves significant cost over the previous custom avionics package. The first E-6B was accepted in December All 16 E-6A aircraft were modified to the E-6B standard, with the final delivery taking place on 1 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the common flight computer, see E6B. Airborne command post aircraft by Boeing based on airframe. Archived from the original on 16 June Retrieved 20 July Lewiston Morning Tribune. Associated Press. Retrieved: 18 June Archived from the original on 20 April Retrieved 7 May Jane's all the world's aircraft, —93 83rd ed. Breffort, Dominique.Our team will help you locate the most suitable aircraft for your needs, verify compliance with the strictest regulations and will plan your flight from its origin until you safely arrive at your destination.

We value your time and budget — a feature that provides us with many returning customers. Our team of experienced and seasoned aviators are a phone call away.


Mercury — In Greek Mythology, known for quick reaction and incredible speed, Mercury was dispatched when timing was critical, and effective performance was everything…. Fast, Reliable and Efficient — the very same principles on which Mercury Jets was founded. When time is critical we provide on demand worldwide air charter solutions for your comfort and safety.

From light aircraft for short trips to Jumbo Jets for tours and events, utilizing our global network of aviation partners, to more than airports not serviced by the airlines, without the hassles…. An elite travel partner to those who know, when timing is critical, Mercury Jets is the only call they need to make.

mercury jet

At Mercury Jets, we know that we are only as good as our last trip. Every trip, from a turbo prop to the Bahamas, to a world tour, receives the same attention to detail, ensuring an experience worthy of your continued business, and a referral to a friend or colleague.

As an independent air charter provider we are not limited by any a given fleet, no matter how large or small. Free of any obligation to aircraft owners, we provide the best options with our passengers being our top priority — a feature that puts us above our competition and makes us your partner, committed to success.

Private aviation is the most effective, reliable and safe form of air transportation today.


These are independent auditing companies that monitor and evaluate all aspects of aircraft and company safety practices and standards that exceed all FAA requirements for Part aircraft operation. Great aircraft, better service! Read more.


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