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Hobbs has Dominic and Brian reassemble their crew to take down a team of mercenaries: Dominic unexpectedly gets convoluted also facing his presumed deceased girlfriend, Letty. View More. This is a good movie. It could have been a great movie but it is unfortunately dragged down by some of the not too unusual Hollywood stupidity and arrogance towards the viewers. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are perfect in their roles as old-fashioned, hard-hitting, fast-driving macho guys.

Michel Rodriquez is doing a decent enough job as well but then I do like Michel Rodriquez so… These guys are making a lot of the movie for me. The rest is not bad but more like filling out some empty space compared to Vin and Dwayne View Edit History. Login to edit. Keyboard Shortcuts. Login to report an issue. You need to be logged in to continue. Click here to login or here to sign up.

Available to Rent or Buy Watch Now. All roads lead to this Overview Hobbs has Dominic and Brian reassemble their crew to take down a team of mercenaries: Dominic unexpectedly gets convoluted also facing his presumed deceased girlfriend, Letty. Social Reviews 3 Discussions 2. Content Score Can't find a movie or TV show?

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Login to create it. Global s focus the search bar. On all edit pages t open translation selector.The Fast and the Furious franchise has become very successful throughout its year run.

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Keep reading to get all the details on the order of the films and learn more about each installment in the franchise. The Fast and the Furious started it all when it hit theaters on June 18, Two years later ina sequel to The Fast and the Furious premiered. Tyrese Gibson, Eva Mendes, and Ludacris are among other additions to the cast. A six-minute short film, The Turbo Charged Prelude, detailed the events immediately following The Fast and the Furious and prior to the sequel.

The third installment in the franchise, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drifthas been the least successful of all the films in the franchise. Lucas Black played the main character, Sean Boswell, a teenager who gets involved in drift racing in Tokyo.

A second short film became available, Los Bandolerosthis time with Diesel as co-writer. As the name suggests, Fast Five is the fifth film in the franchise. Actor Jason Statham joined the cast of the seventh film, Furious 7. In a sad turn of events, Walker, who had been the main character in the franchise, died in a car accident during his time off from shooting the film in Nov.

The film ranks at the top-grossing film in the franchise. The eighth installment saw additions of other big names to the cast, Charlize Theron and Kurt Russel. Mandi Kerr More Articles May 19, It took me some viewings to notice the movie posters appearing on the right wall and the red line behind it are Well done!

I wanted the music to be a mix between mysticism, mixed thoughts and focused spirit. That's a pleasure to read comments of people who noticed the musical work.

A remarkable work, once again! Nicolas and Alexis, thanks a lot for this gift!!! Copyright is way too long. Anyways, score's great. One of my faves. It packs that operatic punch BvS can only wish it had. Star Wars did the exact same thing with the same suite no less and sounds just as close, but you don't see anyone demanding John Williams pay up for it. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he just temp tracked the scene with Holst and insisted Zimmer stick to it.

A Soundcheck Experience Upgrade in Germany includes: - Soundcheck - 10min early entry for the concert I assume - separate entrance The last two "benefits" are not really benefits in my opinion. Who cares about a 10 minute early entry, everyone has numbered seats and the entrance also doesn't matter. I booked soundcheck experiences from other artists and they all agreed for a photo and autograph. But as far as I can tell that was already included in the package.

That would be great : A Soundcheck Experience Upgrade in Germany includes: - Soundcheck - 10min early entry for the concert I assume - separate entrance The last two "benefits" are not really benefits in my opinion. Rate those CD:. Top After watching all nine ultra-jacked films and taking into consideration things like critical reception, box-office performance, significance to the franchise, heartstrings pulled, lessons imparted, etc. Consider 2 Fast the weird adolescent period of the franchise.

Tyrese and Ludacris would eventually join the franchise and become worthy additions to the Family, but in their first appearance they make the movie feel more like a spinoff than a linear progression. Look, any Fast and Furious movie is going to be fun to watch, and listening to Tyrese and Luda deliver hammy one-liners is a great time, but the best part about 2 Fast is that it convinced Vin Diesel he needed to come back to the franchise. Paul Walker looks flat-out tired for most of the fourth movie, and killing off Letty just makes Dom and Brian and Mia sad.

What Is the Order of ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Movies?

At least Mia finally got to be a getaway driver. The best-kept secret in the whole Fast universe is that Tokyo Drift is actually pretty great! The concept needed a reset after the band got broken up in 2 Fastso the series went to study abroad in Japan for a semester.

So thanks for the memories, Tokyo. And it was awesome instead of a bloated catastrophe? Dom and Brian drive a car from one skyscraper to another — through the air.

Did we mention Kurt Russell is there? Of course, the DNA of the Fast founding father is still all over this franchise extension, what with the requisite monologues about family, the extreme vehicle chases, and the penchant for nitrous oxide.

The titular characters are a perfect odd couple, played by some of the most charismatic men in Hollywood. Fast Five was a go-for-broke attempt that would either rejuvenate the Fast films or be their death knell.

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Fortunately, it was very much the former. It also earned the strongest critical reviews for the series to that point. And Fast Five is a great action movie: Dom gives one of his signature at-the-hood-of-a-car lectures to Hobbs. The Rock shows up and fights Vin Diesel. A pair of Dodge Chargers use a giant steel safe as a wrecking ball. This is the movie that birthed the franchise we know today.

The second and third spots on this list are so close, we had to go to the photo finish for verification.

index of furious 6

Michelle Rodriguez returns after being absent from most of the two previous films, and gets one of the best fight sequences in the whole series opposite MMA champion Gina Carano. The Rock joins the team, which means he gets to fight alongside Diesel, not against him. It ends with everyone hanging out in the Toretto backyard in L. Rewatching The Fast and the Furious now, the movie seems almost quaint: All those tanks and submarines and flying super-cars sometimes make it easy to forget that this all started with the notion of living your life a quarter-mile at a time.

Not one movie in the franchise has trafficked in irony, but the earnestness of The Fast and the Furious is still downright moving by comparison.The franchise includes short films, a television series, live shows, video games and theme park attractions.

It is distributed by Universal Pictures. The first film was released inwhich began the original trilogy of films focused on racing, and culminated in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift F9 is set to be released inwith a tenth planned.

The main films are collectively known as The Fast Saga. Soundtrack albums have been released for all the films, as well as compilation albums containing existing music heard in the films. Two short films that tie into the series have also been released. Outside of the films, The Fast Saga has been the focus of other media, including attractions at Universal Studios Hollywoodlive shows, commercials, many video games and toys.

It is considered the vehicle that propelled lead actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to stardom. Cohen secured a deal with producer Neal H.

Moritz for an untitled action film for Universal Pictures[3] and approached Walker for his idea of a dream action movie, with the actor suggesting a mash-up of the films Days of Thunder and Donnie Brasco The studio warmed toward the idea of Timothy Olyphant in the role of Dominic Torettodue to the success of the blockbuster Gone in 60 Secondsbut he declined.

Moritz instead persisted on Vin Diesel following his performance in Pitch Blackwith Diesel accepting after proposing several script changes. Upon release in Junethe film shattered box office and critical expectations, and a sequel was green-lit by September. However, Diesel declined to return for the sequel, saying that the screenplay was inferior to its predecessor.

Cohen also declined the sequel, opting to develop the film xXxwhich starred Diesel in the lead role. To account for these changes, Universal commissioned the writers to create a standalone sequel with Walker in the lead, and brought in John Singleton as the new director.

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As a result, filming was delayed by a year, and Tyrese Gibsonwho worked with Singleton on the film Baby Boywas hired as Walker's new co-star. Furthermore, the production location shifted to Miamiand was the first entry in the series to feature long-running castmate Ludacris. Universal attempted to bring back Diesel for the third installment, but he again declined due to other projects and a dislike for the script.

Screenwriter Chris Morgan subsequently attempted to revive the series primarily for car enthusiasts, with new characters, focusing on a car-related subculture, and moving the series to Tokyo; the city is considered the birthplace of Asian cars. It is the first film in the series to start its tradition of filming in exotic locations.

Moreover, the series were able to bring Diesel in for a cameo appearance, in exchange for letting the actor's production company acquire the rights to the Riddick character. Away from the franchise, Diesel had made a string of box office or critical flops, including The Chronicles of RiddickThe Pacifierand Find Me Guilty After discussions with Universal, the pair shared an interest in reviving the series.

Fast & Furious 6

Given the death of the character in the third film, the entire timeline of the franchise was altered to account for his appearance. Although critical reception was mixed, it reinvigorated the franchise, as well as the star power of Diesel and Walker. InFast Five was released. While developing the film, Universal departed from the street racing theme prevalent in previous films, to transform the franchise into a heist action series involving cars.

index of furious 6

By doing so, they hoped to attract wider audiences that might otherwise be put off by a heavy emphasis on cars and car culture. Fast Five is considered the transitional film in the series, featuring only one car race and giving more attention to action set pieces such as gun fights, brawls, and the heist.

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Fast Five was initially conceived to conclude the franchise, but following strong box office performance and high critical praise, Universal proceeded to develop a sixth installment. In latethe Los Angeles Times reported that Universal was approaching the sixth and seventh installment with a single storyline running through both films, with Morgan envisaging themes of freedom and family, [16] but later shifted to account for the studio's wishes to incorporate elements of espionage.

The suggestion was discussed to shoot the films back-to-backin order to break the traditional the two-year gap between installments, but this notion was abandoned at Lin's request.

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Upon release, the sixth film became the highest-grossing film in the series.Your auto insurance policy probably has clauses specifying whether you are covered for damage from missiles, falling objects, riots, civil war, earthquakes, hail, radioactive contamination, discharge of a nuclear weapon.

Most of the familiar faces are back for this latest bacchanalia of reckless driving, including Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto. Toretto is relaxing in fair-weather retirement, living off the big score of the previous movie in the franchise, when he is called back into service, as it were, by Luke Hobbs, the federal agent who both pursues and admires him and his band of renegades.

Hobbs is again played by Dwayne Johnson and his biceps, which get enough camera time that you expect the closing credits to include two arm wranglers, one for each. But he knows how to deploy his half-dozen expressions — the sly grin, the single-eyebrow arch — and is still a welcome sight, where other actors might by this point be overexposed.

Joe: Retaliation. That provides just enough plot to propel the movie from car chase to car chase. The real question here is whether Justin Lin, the director of this film and three of its predecessors, can top himself. Here Mr. Lin offers two tricks.

The bad guys have flip cars, sleek machines whose armor-plated front ends are designed so that when they strike another vehicle, it goes spinning through the air.

And in a later chase, Shaw and friends pull out a formidable tank that turns any vehicle it encounters into squished scrap metal. These flashy smashies and a climactic sequence, in which the good guys try to prevent Shaw from taking off in an airliner by tethering their cars to it, make the movie a satisfying thrill ride, at least on a par with the earlier installments.

Yes, Indeed. Home Page World U.Pre-production begun in Apriland principal photography began in London in Julyand featured several international filming locations, including the Canary IslandsGlasgowand Los Angeles.

index of furious 6

It achieved financial success, setting box office records as the sixth-highest-grossing film released inthe second-highest-grossing film in Universal Studios history, and it surpassed Fast Five to become the highest-grossing film in the franchise.

Following their successful heist in Brazil, [N 1] Dominic "Dom" Toretto and his professional criminal crew have fled around the world and are living peacefully: Dom lives with Elena; his sister Mia lives with Brian O'Conner and their son, Jack; Gisele and Han are together; and Roman and Tej live in luxury.

Hobbs persuades Dom to help capture Shaw by showing him a photo of his supposedly murdered girlfriend, Letty Ortiz. Dom and his crew accept the mission in exchange for their amnesty and allowing them to return to the United States. In London, Shaw's hideout is found, but this is revealed to be a trap, distracting them and the police while Shaw's crew performs a heist at an Interpol building. Shaw flees by car, detonating his hideout and disabling most of the police, leaving Dom, Brian, Tej, Roman, Han, Gisele, Hobbs, and Riley to pursue him.

Letty arrives to help Shaw, shooting Dom without hesitation before escaping. Back at their headquarters, Hobbs tells Dom's crew that Shaw is stealing components to create a deadly device, intending to sell it to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, Shaw's investigation into the opposing crew reveals Letty's relationship with Dom, but she is revealed to be suffering from amnesia.

Dominic's crew learns that Shaw is connected to a drug lord who was imprisoned by Brian, Arturo Braga. Dom challenges Letty in a street racing competition; afterward, he returns her cross necklace he had kept. After Letty leaves, Shaw offers Dom a chance to walk away, threatening to otherwise hurt his family, but Dom refuses. Shaw's crew assaults a highway military convoy carrying a computer chip to complete his device.

Dom's crew interferes, while Shaw, accompanied by Letty, commandeers a tank, destroying cars en route.

Fast & Furious (franchise)

Brian and Roman manage to flip the tank before it causes further damage, resulting in Letty being thrown from the vehicle, though Dom saves her. Shaw and his crew are captured, but reveal Mia has been kidnapped by Shaw's henchmen Vegh and Klaus. Hobbs is forced to release Shaw, and Riley, revealed to be Shaw's covert accomplice, leaves with him; Letty chooses to remain with Dom.

Shaw's group board a moving Antonov An on a runway as Dom's crew gives chase. Dom, Letty, and Brian board the craft; Brian rescues Mia, escaping in an onboard car. The plane attempts to take-off but is held down by excess weight as the rest of the team tether the plane to their vehicles.

Gisele sacrifices herself to save Han from Shaw's henchman. Letty kills Riley and escapes with Hobbs to safety, but Dom pursues Shaw and the computer chip. As the plane crashes into the ground, Shaw is thrown from it, seriously injuring him, and Dom drives a car out of the exploding plane.

Dom reunites with his crew and gives the chip to Hobbs to secure their pardons. Dom and the others return to his old family home in Los Angeles. Hobbs and Elena, now working together, arrive to confirm the crew's freedom; Elena accepts that Dom loves Letty. As Roman says grace over the crew's meal, Dom asks Letty if the gathering feels familiar; she answers "no, but it feels like home. In a mid-credits sceneHan is involved in a car chase when he is suddenly broadsided by an oncoming car.

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